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About SPB UK & Ireland

With Headquarters in Portsmouth, SPB UK & Ireland comprises of two companies regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to provide insurance, Citymain Administrators Ltd and Burnett & Associates Ltd. We can boast many accolades including being the first mobile phone insurance provider in the UK marketplace, the most diverse provider to the online mobile device insurance channel, the first UK insurance business to offer a walk-in repair facility to policy holders as part of the service proposition and one of the leading insurance providers in the Education insurance market. We’re also part of the SPB group, which makes us Europe’s leading affinity insurance provider, and the largest provider of Mobile Phone Insurance in Europe. We’re able to provide specialist third party administration capabilities including claims handling, fraud management and fulfilment to be able to deliver on these requirements efficiently and effectively. SPB UK & Ireland can also provide risk underwriting through long standing relationships with a panel of specialist underwriters including Lloyds of London underwriting syndicates, all with extensive experience and insights to this market

Citymain provides and administers white label lifestyle insurance schemes on behalf of underwriters, brokers and our customer facing clients supporting routes to market including banks, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

The UK division was founded in 1984, and boasts the accolade of the first mobile phone insurance provider in the UK. Direct binding authorities with leading markets, including Lloyds of London, has enabled Citymain to provide quality mobile phone insurance programmes to Network Operators, leading online and high street based retailers as well as financial institutions. Our long standing repair and replacement networks deliver a first class customer service which will enhance your brand loyalty.

Burnett & Associates provides insurance and warranty policies for small and medium sized companies and public sector organisations, including schools and academies.

Burnetts specialise in policies for all types of technology including laptops, tablets, printers and servers as well as equipment with specialist applications.

Our policies have been developed in conjunction with our clients. We continually develop our policies to respond to the changing needs of the market and ensure we provide value for our clients.

Burnett & Associates is also an industry leader in providing print breakdown insurance plans, print insurance and print machinery breakdown insurance and are a member of the BPIF (British Print Industries Federation).

Phone Service Centre bring the repairer to your customers, and we are the first UK insurance provider to include this as our standard service proposition. Phone Service Centre is a tried and proven model within our Group infrastructure which has been successfully operating in Europe with over 180 branches. The European entity is branded Point Service Mobiles, and has been repairing phones in France since 2006 and we strive to bring the same level of quality repairs and service to the UK. Whether customers need a physical repair, have an issue with software…or just want to get rid of their old phone, our skilled technicians are here to help. Why not visit our new flagship store at 68, Welbeck street, Marylebone and see for yourself or contact us if you're interested in becoming a franchisee.



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Group Key figures


€168.2 MILLION
net revenue



Over 100

large brand Clients
worldwide renowned

50 million

  • User connect

    83% satisfied insured

  • List

    739,000 claims processed

  • Phone

    500,000interventions in services


  • Lorraine Higham

    SPB UK & Ireland

    Lorraine Higham

    Managing Director SPB UK & Ireland

  • Romain DAUFOUY

    Executive Committee

    Romain DAUFOUY

    EVP International Units

Affinity insurance
a high-potential market

Our core business is affinity insurance. We work together with our key account clients and insurance partners to build tailored solutions in insurance, warranty extensions, assistance and services adapted to the needs of their policyholders.

The word "affinity" in affinity services, affinity finance and affinity insurance signifies
all the insurance, assistance and service guarantees intended for



  • 1980

    • Creation of Burnetts
  • 1984

    • Creation of Citymain
  • 1985

    • First mobile insurance
  • 2006

    • Burnetts launch insurance and parental contribution services to the Education Market
  • 2010

    • April: Acquisition by SPB
  • 2013

    • September: Relocation in Portsmouth
  • 2014

    • March: Opening of Phone Service Centre